I am a bachelor in Electronics Telecommunication Engineering and B.Sc.(Biotech). I am a self dependent(Freelancer) game developer and web designer, i do everything by myself with the help of other resources like internet,communities, forums & Books etc.
I have been starting working in Game Industries since 2013. My favorite Game Engines are Cryengine and Unreal Engine. I preferably use Cryengine though I started my carrier with unreal engine 3; Subsequently I got the needed professional experience & working knowledge and command as well on both the engines.For now i’m working on is Cryengine. I’ve worked on autodesk products, adobe products. Mainly I used Blendr3d, Maya, Zbrush, photoshop cs6 , shader map, and sometimes NDO etc. Currently i’m also working on these fields like 3D artist, level design, Environment design, Background music of games and little bit on animation on maya.
My fields of nterests are –
-Level Design(Environment Design)
-3D Artist
-Programming on c++
-Background Music(fl-studio11/12 )
-Web Designing.

Deependra Kushwaha







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